A Proud New Partnership

Kiloton is excited to announce that we have broadened our range of products. We recently partnered with L & G Tools and now stock and supply a wide, new range of compressors, garage equipment, generators and water pumps, pneumatic tools, welding machines and accessories nationwide.

Thanks to this strategic move, we are now able to supply a broader range of quality products at more affordable prices.

Our new brands include the following:

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Trade Quip carosel images

Garage Equipment

Garage Equipment Types: Jacks, Engine Support, Creepers, Drains, Part Washers, Shop Presses, Spring Compressor, Pipe Benders, Body Repair Kits, Wheel Changers, Wheel Balancers and Sanding Blasting Equipment

The TradeQuip brand is any mechanic’s dream come true! Contact us to view our wide range of garage equipment.

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Generating Sets and Water Pumps

Generator and Water Pump Types: Petrol Inverter Generators, Petrol Generators, Electric Water Pumps & Hoses, Water Pressure Boosters and Petrol Water Pumps

Our range of generators will surely have you covered at home or on site. Say good-bye load shedding!

Trade Weld carosel images

Welding Machines and Accessories

Welding Machine Types: MMA Welding Machines, TIG Welding Machines, TIG Torches and Consumables, MIG Welding Machines, MIG Multi Process Machines, MIG Torches and Consumables, Plasma Cutters, Plasma Torches and Consumables, Gas Equipment and Consumables, Welding Accessories and Welding Consumables

Kiloton is now supplying welding machines and consumables for the most popular welding procedures. Get it now!


Compressors & Pneumatic Tools

Compressors (AIA Approved)

Compressor Types: Direct Drive Compressors and Belt Drive Compressors

Our new compressor range is oil free which makes it ideal for packaging, dental and other medical applications which certainly is a first for Kiloton. The capacity of compressors vary in size and range from 6 Liters to 20 Liters.

Pneumatic Tools

Pneumatic Tool Types: Blowers, Inflators, Wash Guns, Under Coating Guns, Sand Blasting Guns, Air Brush Kits, Gravity Feed Spray Guns, Suction Feed Guns, Accessory Kits, Pneumatic Sanders, Grinders, Drills, Wrenches, Hammers, Pneumatic Guns and Lubricants

This exciting range of pneumatic tools is best suited for DIY enthusiasts, professional workshops and small to medium manufacturing industries.

Contact Kiloton for more information or view selected items from the new range in our showroom in Duncanville, Vereeniging.