Chicago Pneumatic

Kiloton supplies Chicago Pneumatic: air tools, assembly systems, construction and mining equipment, compressors and generators, in the main segments of manufacturing, maintenance, construction and demolition. This equipment is engineered for high performance, adding more value to our clients. CP has been designed to deliver the performance that will increase your productivity.

Whether you have a passion to produce, a passion for service or a passion to build, you can be rest assured that Kiloton stocks a high quality Chicago Pneumatic Tool, just for you.

As an appointed Chicago Pneumatic distributor, we are able to supply the following industries: Foundries, Recycling, Tyre Shops, Ship and Boat building, Truck and bus fleet maintenance, Power generation, Vehicle service, Demolition, Road works and Construction just to name a few. There is a full range of robust products with guaranteed quality to meet your specific need.

There’s no better way to increase your productivity and minimise your downtime than with a CP tool. Get yours in store or online today!

Impact Wrenches, Chicago Pneumatic
Chicago Pneumatic Impact Wrenches
Chicago Pneumatic Ratchet Wrenches
Chicago Pneumatic Screwdrivers & Screwdriver Accessories
Grinders, Chicago Pneumatic
Chicago Pneumatic Grinders
Sanders, Chicago Pneumatic
Chicago Pneumatic Sanders
Chicago Pneumatic Polishers
Chicago Pneumatic Hammers & Scalers
Drills, Chicago Pneumatic
Chicago Pneumatic Drills
Chicago Pneumatic Generators & Compressors
Riveters, Chicago Pneumatic
Chicago Pneumatic Riveters
Chicago Pneumatic Workshop Equipment
Construction and Mining Tools, Chicago Pneumatic
Chicago Pneumatic Construction and Mining Tools
Chicago Pneumatic Specialty Tools