Enerpac Integrated Solutions

Kiloton is the number 1 importer of Enerpac Hydraulic Equipment in Africa and the Middle East. With more than 50 years supporting industrial markets, Enerpac has gained the unique and in-depth expertise that is respected by industrial professionals around the world. Across every continent, Enerpac’s network of application engineers, authorised distributors and technical service centers can reach any location, and deliver innovative solutions, technical assistance and quality products.

Enerpac’s complete line of standard and customised products and a unique systems approach offers the benefits of safety and efficiency to applications where high forces are required.

Whether constructing a signature bridge across a deep valley, lifting a national landmark for seismic retrofit or simultaneously testing hundreds of foundation pilings to support a new building, Enerpac will supply the high-force solutions to get the job done.

MS2-10, Enerpac MS-Series, Maintenance Sets
Hydraulic Gantries
Shown: SBL1100 Hydraulic Gantry
Capacity with 4 towers:
60 – 1100 ton
Lifting Height:
3,39 – 14,52 m
HSL50006 Strand Jack, Enerpac Strand Jacks
Strand Jacks
HSL50006 Strand Jack
15 – 1250 ton
HSK1250 Skidding System, Enerpac Skidding Systems
Skidding Systems
Shown: HSK1250 Skidding System
Capacity per shoe:
125 – 250 ton
Stroke Push/Pull Cylinders:
600 mm
SPMT600, Enerpac Self-Propelled Modular Trailer
Self-Propelled Modular Trailer
61 ton (600 kN)
Transport Speed:
3 km/h
EVO-8 (shown with optional cylinders and wire stroke sensors), Enerpac EVO-Series, Synchronous Lifting Systems
EVO-Series, Synchronous Lifting Systems
EVO-8 (shown with optional cylinders and wire stroke sensors)
Number of Lifting Points:
4, 8 or 12
Accuracy EVO-System:
1,0 mm over full stroke
Accuracy EVO-W (weighing) System:
1% of full scale
BLS-1006, Enerpac BLS-Series, Stage-Lift Cylinders
BLS-Series, Stage-Lift Cylinders
Capacity per Lifting Point:
50 – 200 ton
Stroke per Stage:
150 – 161 mm
Maximum Operating Pressure:
700 bar
SHS-Series 4-Point SyncHoist System, Enerpac SHS-Series, SyncHoist Load Positioning
SHS-Series, SyncHoist Load Positioning
SHS-Series 4-Point SyncHoist System
Capacity Per Lifting Point:
55 – 85 – 110 ton
Maximum Stroke:
1000 – 1500 mm
Accuracy Over Full Stroke:
± 1,0 mm
Maximum Operating Pressure:
700 bar
Uni-Lift® Mechanical Actuators, Enerpac Uni-Lift® Mechanical Actuators
Uni-Lift® Mechanical Actuators
Shown: Uni-Lift® Mechanical Actuators
2,2 – 2222 kN
Maximum Stroke:
380 – 6095 mm
Actuator Types:
Machine Screw &
Ball Screw