High-Pressure Hydraulic Tool Rentals

Kiloton gives you access to the latest technology and advanced systems and correct support in tool selection to complete the job at hand. Our extensive hydraulic rental product line makes renting high-pressure hydraulic tools a very quick, easy and affordable option to complete more projects with ease. 

Our Enerpac and Hydra-Ton Rental Tool Range includes high-pressure hydraulic lifting tools, bolting tools and accessories for high-pressure hydraulic tools. 

High-Pressure Hydraulic Cylinder & Jack Rentals

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High-Pressure Hydraulic
Pump Rentals

Enerpac Hydraulic Pump Rentals
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High-Pressure Hydraulic Bolting Tool Rentals

Enerpac Hydraulic Bolting Tool Rentals
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High-Pressure Hydraulic Accessories & Socket Rentals

Enerpac Accessories & Sockets
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When considering a rental instead of a new unit we would advise that you look at the following:

  • Project timeline and budget
  • Initial investment cost
  • Asset depreciation cost
  • Asset management burden


  • Access to rare specialised tools
  • Operator training and support
  • No responsibility for maintenance of equipment


Your productivity and safety is important to us and it’s good to know that when you rent from us, your hydraulic tool rental will be in mint condition and your job can commence immediately.

If you cannot find the hydraulic tool you would like to rent / buy, please feel free to contact our friendly trained team of hydraulic experts.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any hydraulic tool rentals today.
Edward England
083 463 9578
Hydraulic Sales Manager
Hansie Coetzee
083 557 6768
Enerpac Field Service Specialist
Byron Holmes
071 608 1791

Rent vs. Buy

Make an informed renting/buying decision by: 

  1. Determine which specialised tool(s) fit your application best
  2. Evaluate the decision from a project standpoint and from a 
  3. Long-term perspective

Can't decide whether to rent or buy?

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