Shown clockwise from top: WR-15, WR5, A-92
Hydraulic Wedgie and Spread Cylinders
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A & WR-Series, Hydraulic Wedgie and Spread Cylinders

The Enerpac Hydraulic Wedgie and Spread Cylinders makes working in confined spaces possible. 

  • Capacity: 0,75 – 1,0 ton
  • Tip Clearance: 12,8 – 35 mm
  • Maximum Spread: 94 – 292 mm
  • Power Source: Hydraulic
  • Maximum Operation Pressure: 700 bar
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  • WR5: For use in very confined work areas
  • WR15: For long stroke spreading applications
  • Single-acting, spring return
  • A92: Spreader attachment; threads on 10 ton RC-Series cylinders * (except RC-101)
Model Number Maximum Operating Pressure (bar) Maximum Spread (mm) Maximum Spreading Force (kN) Maximum Spreading Force (ton) Stroke (mm) Tip Clearance (mm) Cylinder Effective Area (cm2) Weight (kg)
WR15 700 292 6 0,75 32 32,0 14,5 11,3
WR5 700 94 8,9 1 8,9 12,8 6,5 2,3

RC-Series Cylinders
10 ton RC-Series DUO cylinders (except RC-101) fit into A92 Spreader Attachment.  

Power Box
Tool box with P-392 hand pump , gauge adaptor assembly, hose and WR5. 

Best Match Hand Pump
To power your WR5 and WR15 the P-392 hand pump is an ideal choice. Use Enerpac H700-Series hose for hydraulic connection.