Shown as: CM-16
Industrial Storage Cases
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CM-Series, Industrial Enerpac Branded Storage Cases

The CM-Series, Enerpac Storage Case will ensure that your equipment is dust, water, grease and dirt free. 

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  • Reduce losses o the jobsite, maintenance area or shop
  • Durable steel, painted with rust-resistant primer and finished in durable enamel
  • Heavy duty hinges and lifting handles
  • Lockable
  • Available in 5 different sizes
Model Number Case Size (liters) Thickness (mm) Weight (kg)
CM1 32 0,9 8
CM4 127 1,5 16
CM6 19 0,9 7
CM7 212 1,9 57
CM16 453 1,5 55

Enerpac Maintenance Sets
Enerpac Maintenance sets are a complete assortment of hydraulic powered tools. Using these sets allows you to quickly configure a unique tool to meet your most difficult jobs. Built around the Enerpac Lightweight Hand Pump, Hose and Cylinder, these sets enable you to push, pull, lift, press, straighten, spread and clamp with forces up to 12,5 ton. 

Hydraulic Pullers
These hydraulic pullers eliminate time-consuming and unsafe hammering, heating or prying. Damage to parts is minimised through the use of controlled hydraulic power.