Shown as: MS2-10
Maintenance sets - MS-series
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MS-Series, Maintenance Sets

The MS-Series are a complete assortment of hydraulic powered tools. Using these sets allows you to quickly configure a unique tool to meet your most difficult jobs.  These sets consists of an Enerpac Lightweight Hand Pump, Hose and Cylinder which allows for pushing, pulling, lifting, pressing, straighten, spreading and clamping of forces up to 12,5 ton. 

  • Capacity: 2,5 – 12,5 ton
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 350 bar
CAUTION! | When cylinders are used with maintenance set attachments or components, the maximum system pressure must be limited to half the rated pressure (350 bar). 
WARNING! | Only use attachments provided with set. Non-Enerpac attachments and longer extension tubes will reduce column strength, potentially creating unsafe conditions. 
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  • All sets include an Enerpac pump, hose, cylinder and gauge
  • Lock-on or threaded connectors
  • Complete maintenance set for almost every maintenance application. 

Model Number Maximum Operating Pressure (bar) Reservoir Capacity (cm3) Usable Oil Capacity (cm3) Maximum Flow at Rated Pressure Oil Displacement Per Stroke (cm3) Maximum Handle Effort (kg) Piston Stroke (mm) Weight (kg)
P18 200 360 360 2,46 cm3/stroke 2,46 16 25,4 5,0
P25 175 3277 3277 9,50 cm3/stroke 9,50 27 38,1 16,3
P50 350 3277 3277 4,75 cm3/stroke 4,75 27 38,1 16,8
P51 200 819 819 4,10 cm3/stroke 4,10 27 25,4 5,4