Shown as: ETT400 Turntable
Enerpac ETT-Series, Turntables
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ETT-Series, Turntables

The ETT-Series, Turntables is your solution for rotating heavy loads during, before or after a lifting and skidding operation. 

  • Maximum Capacity: 200 – 400 ton
  • Cylinder Capacity: 25 ton (222 kN)
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 700 bar
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  • Safe and controlled rotation of heavy loads
  • Easily change rotation direction
  • Dual capacity: 200 ton with one cylinder, 400 ton with two cylinders
  • Compact size for use in applications with limited space
  • Compatible with standard Enerpac pumps
  • Hardwood surface
Model Number Capacity (kN) Cylinder Capacity (kN) Cylinder Oil Capacity, Advance (cm3) Cylinder Oil Capacity, Retract (cm3) Number of Cylinders Rotation per Stroke (degrees) Weight (kg)
ETT200 2000 222 792 344 1 12,5 1700
ETT400 4000 222 792 344 2 12,5 1700

SFP-Series, Split-Flow Pump
Split-Flow pumps distribute and equal amount of hydraulic oil to a maximum of 8 outlets. Smart value technology allows both controlled lifting and lowering of heavy loads

LH-Series, Low-Height Skidding
The ETT-Series are ideal in combination with Enerpac’s skidding system, particular the LH-Series. Skidding and rotating in confined spaces is simplified.

Telescopic Hydraulic Gantries
The ETT-Series in combination with our hydraulic gantry SL-Series makes load handling in the most demanding situations easy.