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Enerpac ETT-Series, Turntables
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ETT-Series, Turntables

The ETT-Series, Turntables is your solution for rotating heavy loads during, before or after a lifting and skidding operation. 

  • Maximum Capacity: 200 – 400 ton
  • Cylinder Capacity: 25 ton (222 kN)
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 700 bar
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  • Safe and controlled rotation of heavy loads
  • Easily change rotation direction
  • Dual capacity: 200 ton with one cylinder, 400 ton with two cylinders
  • Compact size for use in applications with limited space
  • Compatible with standard Enerpac pumps
  • Hardwood surface

ETT-Series, Turntables

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SFP-Series, Split-Flow Pump
Split-Flow pumps distribute and equal amount of hydraulic oil to a maximum of 8 outlets. Smart value technology allows both controlled lifting and lowering of heavy loads

LH-Series, Low-Height Skidding
The ETT-Series are ideal in combination with Enerpac’s skidding system, particular the LH-Series. Skidding and rotating in confined spaces is simplified.

Telescopic Hydraulic Gantries
The ETT-Series in combination with our hydraulic gantry SL-Series makes load handling in the most demanding situations easy.