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Enerpac EVOB-Series, Basic Synchronous Lifting Systems
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EVOB-Series, Basic Synchronous Lifting Solutions

The EVOB-Series, Basic Synchronous Lifting Systems is the economical solution to basic lifting applications

  • Number of Lifting Points: 4 – 8
  • Reservoir Capacity: 40 litres 
  • Flow at Rated Pressure: 0,82 – 1,64 l/min
  • Motor Size: 1,12 – 2,24 kW
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 700 bar
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The Basic EVOB-System

Leveraging Enerpac’s market leading Z-Class pumps and components from the standard EVO, the Basic EVOB offers an economical solution to basic applications requiring stroke only control for a maximum of 8 lifting points. 

The Basic EVOB-System has three work modes. The operator can navigate to any of these menus: 

  1. Manual 
  2. Automatic 
  3. Depressurize 

Application examples:

  • Bridge lifting and repositioning
  • Bridge launching
  • Bridge maintenance
  • Incremental launching and box jacking
  • Lifting and lowering of heavy equipment
  • Lifting lowering, levelling and weighing of heavy structures and buildings
  • Structural and pile testing
  • Lifting and weighing of oil platforms
  • Foundation levelling of onshore and offshore wind turbines
  • De-propping/load transfer from temporary steel work
  • Foundation shoring


  • Pumps to control 4 to 8 lifting points
  • Intuitive user interface provides easy set-up and control
  • For use with standard single- or double-acting cylinders
  • Built in warning and stop alarms for optimum safety
  • Available in two oil flow options 

EVOB-Series, Basic Synchronous Lifting Solutions

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  1. Oil flow will be approximately 6/5 of these values at 60 Hz

Benefits of the EVO-Series System

Precise control of multiple lift points

  • Comprehensive understanding and management of a lifting operation from a central control system improves safety and operational productivity
  • Programmable synchronized lifting
  • Automatic stop at pre-set cylinder stroke or load limit

Safe and efficient movement of loads

  • System secured with warning and stop features to realize optimal safety

High accuracy

  • Variable frequency drive (VDFM) and PLC for precise synchronization and control of oil flow, stroke and speed
  • Depending the cylinder capacities used, an accuracy of 1,0 mm between lifting points is achieved

Ease of Operation

  • User friendly interface: visual screens, icons, symbols and color coding
  • A single operator controls the entire operation

Monitoring and Data Recording

  • Displays data of the operation
  • Data recording at user-defined intervals
  • Data storage and read-out for reporting

Network Capability

  • Ethernet IP protocol for communication between hydraulic power units, allow easy “plug and play”

EVO-W Weighing System Weighing applications with 1% accuracy 

  • Includes calibrated sensors and auto-calibrated of external load cells
  • Center of gravity determination functionality
  • Parameters for “waiting time for stabilization” and “number of cycles” 

Global Standardised System

  • Enerpac global overage ensures local support

Lifting Cylinders
For a complete line of Enerpac Cylinders, view our page now. 

Multi-Functioning Synchronous Lifting Systems
For more than 8 lifting points, to link up to 4 systems together and weighing system see the EVO-Standard Series

Wire Sensor Model Number

  • Ordered separately, requires one for each lifting point
  • Provides stroke feedback to controls
  • Includes magnets for mounting
Stroke Sensor Model Number Measuring Range (mm)
EVO-WSS-500 500
EVO-WSS-1000 1000

Stroke Sensor Cables

  • Ordered separately, requires one for each stroke sensor
  • Can be connected together for additional length
Sensor Cable Model Cable Length (metres)
EVO-SC-25 25