Shown as: HSK1250 Skidding System
Enerpac Skidding Systems
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HSK, LH-Series, Skidding Systems

The HSK, LH-Series, Enerpac Skidding Systems at a glance:

  • Capacity: 100 – 250 ton
  • Push/Pull Stroke: 600 mm
  • Lifting Stroke: 175 mm
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Skidding Systems

The skidding system is comprised of a series of skid beams moved by hydraulic push-pull cylinders, travelling over a pre-constructed track. 

A series of special PTFE coated pads are placed on the skid tracks. The PTFE surface is matched with a sliding plate under the Enerpac skid beams, designed to achieve minimum friction coefficients. The skid beams are connected by hoses to a hydraulic electric or diesel driven power pack.  

In addition to Enerpac’s standard skidding system, they have the capability to create customised skidding systems to meet your specific requirements. 

Enerpac Skidding Systems are available in several versions:

  • B-Series (Skid Beam) utilizes a tall skid beam with built-in push-pull cylinders. Skidding direction can be easily switched b y flipping a lever on the attached gripper box. 
  • J-Series (Skid Jack) provides the same functionality as the B-series with the added benefit of having built-in cylinder for lifting or leveling the load. 
  • LH-Series includes low-height skid beams that can fit in tight spaces while still offering high capacity. 


HSK-Series, Skidding System

  • PTFE skid pads with dimpled surface for low friction and long lifetime 
  • Easy to replace skid pads, no tools necessary
  • Bo-directional operation using push-pull cylinders avoid the need to reposition cylinders for switching direction
  • Large load support surface on the skid beams for distributing load
  • Bottom of skid shoes equipped with stainless steel sliding plates

LH-Series, Low Height Skidding System

  • 2-in-1 track design for added support
  • Intuitive pump controls (SFP-Series Split Flow Pump)
  • Easily reversible to change skidding direction
  • Portable design for quick setup
  • 400 ton  skidding capacity with two push-pull units

HSK, LH-Series, Skidding Systems

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Enerpac offers several options for controlling our skidding systems. Wireless Controls allows the operator the freedom to view the skidding operation from multiple locations while providing complete control of all system functions.

Manual controls offer a cost-effective solution by utilising manual hydraulic valves mounted directly on the skidding system power unit. 

Skid Tracks
Allows for easy levelling of the gantry tower and reduce ground bearing pressure, available in two standard lengths, 3 and 6 m.

Hydraulic Power Packs
Enerpac offers a comprehensive range of hydraulic power packs that are optimised for use with skidding systems