Shown as: HSL50006 Strand Jack
HSL50006 Strand Jack
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HSL-Series, Heavy Lifting Strand Jacks

The HSL-Series, Heavy Lifting Strand Jacks are the strand jacks of choice for customers seeking precise synchronous control with heavy-lifting capacity in an economical, compact and reliable footprint. 

  • Capacity: 15 – 1250 ton
  • Stroke: 250 – 600 mm
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 350 bar
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HSL-Series, Heavy Lifting Strand Jacks

Enerpac strand jacks are powered by electrical or diesel driven hydraulic power packs and controlled by Enerpac’s proprietary SCC-Smart Cylinder Control System to ensure full control of lifting and lowering operations. 

Enerpac continually improves reliability, durability, and safety of their strand acks, making them and industry standard for heavy lifting. 

A strand jack can be considered a linear winch.  In a strand jack, a bundle of steel strands are guided through a main “lifting” jack. 

Above and below the cylinder are anchor systems with wedges that grip the strand bundle simultaneously. Lifting and lowering a load is achieved by hydraulically controlling the main jack and both mini jacks alternately. 

In the case of system pressure loss, the wedges are mechanically closed automatically, holding the suspended load in place. 

Today strand jacks are widely recognized as the most sophisticated heavy lifting solution. They are used all over the world to erect bridges, load out offshore structures, and lift/lower heavy loads where the use of conventional cranes is neither economical or practical.  


  • Precision control of synchronous lifting and lowering
  • Can be controlled by a single operator from a central location for increased safety
  • Automated locking – unlocking operation
  • Two strand sizes; 15,7 mm and 18 mm
  • Telescopic strand guides pipes prevent bird caging
  • Internal components are coated with Lunac, an anti-corrosion coating, making it suitable for marine environments
  • Lifting anchor included with all strand jacks
  • Lloyd’s witness tested to 125% of maximum working load

HSL-Series, Heavy Lifting Strand Jacks

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Hydraulic Power Packs
Kiloton offers comprehensive range of hydraulic power packs that are optimised for use with Enerpac’s industy leading heavy lifting strand jacks.

Strand Guides
Provides a guide for the strand as a strand jack lifts the loads.

Strand Recoilers
Passively pays in or pays out strands while jacking and lowering.

Strand Dispenser
Essential to safely unbundle a new strand coil.

Lifting Anchor
Each Strand Jack includes a lifting anchor for attaching strand to the load.