Shown as: SCJ-50, Enerpac Self-Locking Cube Jack
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SCJ-Series, Self-Locking Cube Jack

The SCJ-Series, Self-Locking Cube Jack allows for jobs to be completed more efficiently due to simplified operation sequence with 50% less cycles than climbing jacks. View more information about the Self-Locking Cube Jack below:

  • Capacity Per Cube Jack: 50 ton (500 kN)
  • Maximum Lifting Height: 2067 mm
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 700 bar
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SCJ-Series, Self-Locking Cube Jack

Easy-to-use, compact and portable jacking system that utilizes base lifting frames and self-aligning, lightweight steel cribbing blocks, instead of wooden cribben materials. 

Operation is simple:

  1. Connect the Cube Jacks to the Enerpac Split-Flow Pump and select lifting mode on each base lifting frame.
  2. Insert a cribbing block and actuate the Cube Jack until the cribbing  block engages the lock mechanism. 
  3. Retract the jack and repeat the process until the desired lifting lifting height is reached. For the lowering operation select lowering mode on each base lifting frame and reverse the process. The Cube Jack End Block is equipped with an adjustable saddle for initial alignment with the load. All controls except for the main directional valve, which is on the hydraulic power unit, are included on the Cube Jack. 

Manual Cribbing Block Insertion

Cribbing blocks are easily managed by hand and te Cube Jack includes integrated fork pockets and lifting rings for effortless positioning. 

Synchronous Lifting & Lowering

If synchronization is required, the Cube Jack can accommodate stroke sensors and be used with any Enerpac Computer Controlled Synchronous Lifting System. 

Markets & Applications

Applications with a minimum starting height of 494 mm and requirement to lift up to 2067 mm. 

  • Power Generation – transformer jacking
  • Mining – equipment maintenance
  • Heavy Transport – vehicle unloading
  • Oil & Gas – module jacking
  • Construction – bridge jacking
  • Industrial Movers – lifting, lowering and levelling of heavy equipment


  • System is automatically mechanically locked after the lifting or lowering stroke
  • Self-aligning steel cribbing blocks save time, improved side load, and eliminate the need for wooden cribbing materials
  • Jobs are completed more efficiently due to simplified operation sequence with 50% less cycles than climbing jacks 
  • End block with adjustable swivel saddle allows fine adjustment during set-up: 50mm screw extension
  • Low starting height of 494mm; max. jacking height up to 2067mm
  • Can be operated with Enerpac’s 700 bar hydraulic power units
  • Lloyds witness tested to 125% of maximum working load.

SCJ-Series, Self-Locking Cube Jack

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Split-Flow Pumps
Enerpac recommend to use the SFP-Series Pumps with multiple outlets with equal oil flow. For lifting and lowering applications on multiple points, Split-Flow Pumps are a far better alternative than using separately operated pumps.

Lightweight Cribbing Blocks
11 Cribbing Blocks are included with a SCJ-50 Cube Jack. A maximum of 11 cribbing blocks can be used on a single Cube Jack. Cribbing Blocks can be manually inserted into the Cube Jack by one person. Spare cribbing blocks can be ordered separately. 

Model Nr. SCJ5B

SCJ5F Transportation Frame
For easy storage and transport of one SCJ-50 unit. 

Model Number Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight (kg)
SCJ5F 920 x 850 x 860 110