Stier Hand Tools

Calling all Electricians, Carpenters and Construction workers! The range includes tools such as Insulated Combination Pliers, Insulated Screwdriver Sets, Non-Contact Voltage Detectors, Clamps, Pin Punches and sets to name but a few. This legendary range of Stier Hand Tools has a lifetime warranty and is extremely well-priced

Stier 77 piece tool set
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Screwdrivers Acetate handle, Stier Hand Tools
Stier Screwdrivers
(Electrician’s | Phillips | Mechanic’s | Pozidrive | Sets | Insulated Screwdrivers)
Good to know:
Stier Screwdrivers feature cellulose acetate handles for extreme toughness.
Handyman Pliers, Stier Hand Tools
Stier Pliers
(Handyman and Professional | Sets | Aluminium Pipe Wrench | Hand Riveter | Insulated Combination Pliers | Cable Cutters and Strippers)
Good to know:
Stier Aluminium Pipe Wrenches are 40% lighter than steel pipe wrenches.
Combo Spanners, Stier Hand Tools
Stier Spanners
(Combination Spanners and Sets | Shifting Spanners and Speed Wrenches)
Good to know:
Stier Speed Wrenches consist of quick re-positioning and  5˚ Ratchets.
Sockets and Sets, Stier Hand Tools
Stier Sockets and Sets
Stier Claw Hammers, Stier Hand Tools
Stier Hammers
(Ball Pein | Claw | Club | Rubber Mallet | Sledge | Splitting Axe And Hatchet)
Good to know:
Stier Hammers are specially formulated with 70%  fiberglass  and  30% is moulded-in rubber grips for maximum control and shock absorption.
Cold Chisel 6 Tip, Stier Hand Tools
Stier Chisels
(Cold Chisel | Brick Bolster | Electricians Bolster | Tommy And Wrecking Bar)
Handyman Hacksaw Frame, Stier Hand Tools
Stier Hacksaw Frames
(Handyman Hacksaw | Professional Hacksaw | Hand Saws)
Professional Tape Measures, Stier Hand Tools
Stier Measuring Tools
(Rafter’s Square | Rulers | Tape Measure’s )
Good to know:
Stier tape measure blades feature vertically orientated numbers which ensures that it is easily legible for left or right hand users including vertical measurements.
All Stier Tape Measures consists of a magnetic tip.
Knifes, Stier Hand Tools
Stier Accessories
(Fixed/Retractable Blade | Utility Knife | Scraper | Blades | Hawkbill Pocket Knives | Round Magnetic Trays | Non-Contact Voltage Detecotrs | Clamps | Pocket Flashlights)
Good to know:
Stier Retractable Blade Trimming Knifes have a Inter-Locking nose.  This simply means that the safeguards against the blades pushes out between the body section when extreme force is applied.