Stier Pliers

We stock a wide variety of Stier Pliers that will make all your cutting, gripping and nipping jobs a breeze. Our plier-range consists of both a handyman as well as a professional range and comes with a lifetime warranty. Our aim is to ensures that we supply our customers with consistently high quality, polished products at the most affordable prices possible.

It is no wonder that Kiloton is considered one of the most established tool suppliers in our trade.

Have a look at our entire range of Stier Pliers:



Stier Pliers
Stier Handyman & Professional Pliers
(Combination Pliers | Long Nose Pliers | Diagonal Cutters | Fencing Pliers | Shifting Spanners | Grip Pliers | Water Pump Pliers | Concrete Nippers)
Stier Handyman & Professional Plier Sets
(Available in a 3 Piece Set)
Stier Aluminiun Pipe Wrenches
Good to know:
Now 40% Lighter than steel pipe wrenches!
Stier Hand Riveters
(Professional Range Only)