Stier Screwdrivers

Kiloton is an official distributor of Stier Hand Tools in South Africa and we carry a comprehensive range of Stier Screwdrivers. All our screwdrivers feature a cellulose acetate handle allowing us to offer our customers with extremely tough and ergonomical screwdrivers suitable for any trade.

Our range of screwdrivers include the following:

Stier Acetate Screwdrivers

Stier Cellulose Acetate Screwdriver

Stier Electrician Screwdrivers

Stier Acetate Phillips Screwdriver
Stier Phillips Screwdrivers
Stier Mechanic Screwdrivers
Stier Pozi Screwdrivers
Stier Screwdriver Sets
(Available in a 6 or 9 Piece Sets )
Stier Interchangeable Blade Screwdriver Sets
(Available in a 15 Piece Sets)