Bosch Blue Professional Measuring Tools

Our wide range of Bosch Blue Professional Measuring Tools offer outstanding precision and the greatest ease of use for tradesmen like electricians, landscapers, plumbers and builders to name a few. Due to their robustness, the digital measuring tools guarantee the most accurate results in day-to-day construction site applications – whether it be leveling, measuring distances, angles and inclines, or detecting all different kinds of materials.

Measuring Tools
(Laser Measures | Measuring Wheels | Angle Measures and Inclinometers)
Detecting Tools
(Detectors | Thermo-Detectors | Cordless Inspection Cameras)
Levelling Tools
(Rotation Lasers | Floor Surface Lasers | Optical Levels | Line Lasers | Point Lasers | Combi Lasers)
Accessories for Measuring Tools
(Receivers | Tripods | Extras)