ridgid industrial tools

If you want to know why so many professionals choose RIDGID Industrial Tools every day, the answer is quite simple…TRUST. Trust in the quality, consistency and reliability of the product.

Many people trust RIDGID tools to perform their daily projects in the construction, plumbing and electrical industries. These tools can be operated in extreme heat and cold conditions, withstand dirt and mud and perform reliably, day in and day out. RIDGID tools are known as industry-leading products that allow professionals, like you, to complete jobs more quickly and easily.

As an official importer and distributor, we can provide our customers with RIDGID tooling solutions to ensure a more efficient workplace that results in higher revenue and increased customer satisfaction.

Our range of RIDGID tools include the following:

RIDGID Pipe/Tube Cutting & Preparation Tools
RIDGID Threading Tools
RIDGID Roll Grooving Tools
RIDGID Sawing Tools
Ridgid-Bending-and-Forming Tools
RIDGID Bending & Forming Tools
RIDGID Tube Repair & Maintenance Tools
RIDGID Pressing Tools
RIDGID Electrical Tools
RIDGID Diagnostics, Inspection & Locating Tools
Bosch Blue Measuring Tools
RIDGID Drain Cleaning Tools