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PFERD Abrasives

As a PFERD distributor, Kiloton offers the best combination of quality tools, drives and individual advice that you may need to find the best solution for your surface finishing tasks and for cutting materials.

The product range includes more than 7,500 tools for different applications, from coarse to mirror-polished, and for cutting. PFERD tools are used each and every day in many different sectors and for a broad spectrum of applications:
■ Cutting
■ Grinding
■ Milling
■ Filing
■ Brushing
■ Polishing
■ Cleaning
■ Derusting
■ Deburring
■ Matt finishing

Innovations in the PFERD range include impressive solutions that are not only popular with end-users, but also among retailers.

Kiloton stocks the following PFERD abrasive products:

PFERD Abrasives, Kiloton
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PFERD Files, PFERD Abrasives
PFERD has been manufacturing high quality files for over 200 years. Kiloton supplies PFERD files, which are very durable and achieve high stock removal rates and an excellent surface quality.


PFERD Burrs, PFERD Abrasives
Kiloton stocks high quality PFERD burrs, which have a long tool life and can be used for various materials, resulting in excellent performance results. PFERD tungsten carbide burrs are designed for machining materials of virtually any strength.
PFERD Mounted Points, PFERD Abrasives
PFERD Mounted Points
Kiloton offers an expanded and flexible range of PFERD mounted points in vitrified and resinoid bonds to meet your specific needs. These comprise of a wide range of grit types, grit sizes and hardness grades.
PFERD Fine Grinding and Polishing Tools, PFERD Abrasives
PFERD Fine Grinding and Polishing Tools
Kiloton supplies a wide range of PFERD fine grinding and polishing tools. These are suitable for the following applications: pre-grinding, deburring, chamfering, fine grinding and polishing of duro-plastics, thermo-plastics or elastomers.
PFERD Diamond and CBN Tools, PFERD Abrasives
PFERD Diamond and CBN Tools
PFERD diamond and CBN (cubic boron nitride) tools are made of hard abrasives to provide a costeffective and long lasting alternative to conventional tools.
PFERD Grinding and Cut-Off Wheels, PFERD Abrasives
PFERD Grinding and Cut-Off Wheels
Kiloton offers premium-quality PFERD grinding and cut-off wheels.
PFERD Stationary Cut-Off Wheels, PFERD Abrasives
PFERD Stationary Cut-Off Wheels
Kiloton stocks PFERD stationary cut-off wheels. The range is subdivided into five different product groups:
  • Chopsaw (middle fabric for aggressive cutting with minimised burr formation)
  • Chopsaw-HD (two outer fabrics for high lateral stability)
  • Rail (cutting of rails)
  • Labor (cutting of laboratory samples)
  • Heavy-duty (used with high-performance machines)
PFERD Industrial Power Brushes and Tool Drives, PFERD Abrasives
PFERD Industrial Power Brushes and Tool Drives
Kiloton stocks a wide range of PFERD industrial power brushes and tool drives, which are quality tools for surface machining.