Authorised Onsite Machining Tools

Mirage On-Site Machining Tools

Mirage is a leading global manufacturer of standard and customized on-site machining solutions for a diverse set of applications with a focus on portability, performance and safety.

The Mirage range includes the following machines:

  • Flange Facing Machines
  • Hot Tapping Machines
  • Line Boring Machines
  • Milling Machines
  • Drilling and Tapping Machines
  • Pipe Cutting and Beveling Machines
  • Casing Cutters

Mirage has custom solutions for the oil and gas, power generation (renewable, fossil and nuclear), mining, petrochemical and shipbuilding industries. Mirage is a true portable solution.

The full range of Mirage Machine Tools includes:

Mirage Flange-Facing-Machines
Flange Facing Machines
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Mirage Clamshell Pipe Cutting and Bevelling
Clamshell Pipe Cutting and Bevelling
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Mirage Milling Machines
Linear Milling Machines
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Mirage Drilling-and-Tapping-Machines
Drilling and Tapping Machines
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Orbital Milling Machines
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Mirage Decommissioning Saws
Decommissioning Saws
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Hot Tapping and Line Stopping Machines
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Mirage Custom Engineered Machines
Customised Engineered Machines
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