Enerpac High-Pressure Hydraulic Hoses

H700-Series | System Components

Enerpac High-Pressure Hydraulic Hoses form an important part of any hydraulic system. Their main function is to transport hydraulic fluid or oil through the hydraulic system.

 The High-Pressure Hoses from Enerpac are designed to achieve long-lasting performance in high-pressure and demanding applications up to 10 000 psi (H700-Series). Enerpac Hoses are designed for various industries and can be custom made by us to suit your application requirements.

Enerpac hoses are manufactured from thermo-plastic, making it suitable to use in all climates, consists of two layers of steel wire braids and has crimped-on rubber strain relief to improve the life and durability of the hoses.  The outside layer / jacket of the hose is polyurethane which provides maximum abrasion resistance. Another feature is that the hoses exhibits low volumetric expansion under pressure therefore enhancing the overall system efficiency.

The yellow Enerpac hoses feature a 4:1 safety factor. This simply means that any standard Enerpac hose will only burst or become defective at four times (2800 bar) the standard 700-bar working pressure. Enerpac strictly warns that one should not exceed the 700-bar maximum pressure and NEVER handle hoses while they are under pressure.

Selecting Your Enerpac Hose

Enerpac High-Pressure Hydraulic Hose


Inside Diameter
6,4mm – 9,7mm
0,6 – 15m
Maximum Operating Pressure


When using greater hose lengths, it is sometimes necessary to fill the pump reservoir after filing the hoses.
To determine the hose oil capacity, use the following formula:
– For 6,4mm inside diameter hoses: Capacity (cm³) = 32,1699 x Length (m)
– For 9,7mm inside diameter hoses: Capacity (cm³) = 73,8981 x Length (m)


Enerpac hoses should be used in conjunction with genuine Enerpac Hydraulic Oil.
HF-95T, HF-95X, HF-95Y

Safety Instructions

Hoses and Couplers

◀ Clean both coupler parts before connecting. Use dust caps when coupler parts are not connected.
◀ Keep hoses away from the area beneath loads.
◀ Don’t lift hydraulic equipment by the hoses.
◀ Detach cylinder when fully retracted / use shut-off or safety valves to lock-in cylinder pressure.
◀ Don’t kink hoses. Bending radius: 60mm. Don’t drive over objects.
◀ Never allow the cylinder to be lifted off of the ground through the couplers.