Shown as: HC-7206
Enerpac High-Pressure Hydraulic Hose
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Enerpac High-Pressure Hydraulic Hoses

Only genuine Enerpac High-Pressure Hoses should be used to ensure the integrity of your Enerpac system.

  • Inside Diameter: 6.4-9.7mm
  • Length: 0.6-15m
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 700 bar

WARNING! | To ensure the integrity of your system, specify only Enerpac Hydraulic Hoses.

  • Do not exceed 700 bar maximum pressure.
  • Do not handle hoses which are under pressure.
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  • For demanding applications, featuring a 4:1 safety factor. (Bursting pressure is 2800 bar and working pressure is 700 bar: 700×4=2800)
  • Maximum working pressure of 700 bar
  • Outside jacket is polyurethane, to provide maximum abrasion resistance
  • Exhibits low volumetric expansion under pressure to enhance overall system efficiency
  • Crimped-on rubber strain relief for improved life and durability on all models

Hose Oil Capacity | When using greater hose lengths, it is sometimes necessary to fill the pump reservoir after filling the hoses.

To determine the hose oil capacity, use the following:

For 6.4mm inside diameter hoses: Capacity (cm³) = 32.1699 x Length (m)

For 9.7mm inside diameter hoses: Capacity (cm³) = 73.8981 x Length (m)

GA45GC Gauge Adaptor
Protect yourself from system overloading by simply ordering one part number for pre-assembled gauge, adaptor block and coupler.

Torque Wrench Hoses
Use Enerpac twin safety hoses with double-actin wrenches to ensure the integrity of your hydraulic system.

For additional fittings, view more here: add link

Premium Hydraulic Oil
Use only genuine Enerpac Hydraulic Oil. The wrong fluid can destroy seals and pumps and will render your warranty null and void your guarantee.