Shown as: FH-604, FR-400, AR-630, C-604, AH-604, AR-400
Enerpac A, C, F, T-Series, Hydraulic Couplers
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Enerpac Hydraulic Couplers 

Enerpac Hydraulic Couplers allow for quick connection of hydraulic lines.

  • Maximum Flow Capacity: 6.1-40.0 l/min
  • Thread:  ¼” – 3/8” NPTF
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 700-800 bar
WARNING! |  Couplers should be pressurized only when completely connected and should not be coupled or uncoupled when pressurised.
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3/8” High Flow Couplers

  • Standard equipment on most Enerpac cylinders
  • Recommended for use on all Enerpac pumps and cylinders where space and porting permits
  • Includes “2-in-1” dust cap for use on male and female couplers.

3/8” High Pressure “Flush-Face” Couplers

  • Featuring “Push-to-connect” operation, to guarantee good connection every time
  • Flush-Face, zero-leak operation for minimal spillage and reduced pressure drop
  • Hydraulic Tool Manufactures Association (HTMA) recognised for safety and performance
  • Will not interchange with low pressure couplers

3/8” Regular Spee-D-Couplers®

  • For medium duty applications with hand pumps
  • Includes female aluminium dust cap

¼” Regular Couplers

  • For use with small cylinders and hand pumps
  • Includes female aluminium dust cap

¼” Spin-on Torque Wrench Couplers

  • For use with 700 bar S and W-Series torque wrenches, THQ-Series hoses and 700 bar torque wrench pumps

¼” Lock-ring Torque Wrench Couplers

  • For use with 800 bar HXD and SQD-Series torque wrenches, THC-Series hoses and 800 bar torque wrench pumps.
F-Series | Flush-Faced Couplers provide reduced pressure drop versus other types and are preferred in dirty, grimy construction and mining environments due to easy clean, non-dirt trapping faces.

CT-604 Safety Tool
Use the Enerpac CT-604 to relieve hydraulic back pressure by safely bleeding the hydraulic coupler.

NOTE |  For use on C-Series 700 Bar High-Flow Couplers only

Minimise injuries from projectile parts under-skin hydraulic fluid injections by eliminating unsafe coupler bleeding practises. The CT-604 is Enerpac-engineering safe for use at 700 bar

Metal Dust Caps
Steel dust caps are available for the C-604 series couplers.

Order model numbers:

  • CD-411M – for female half
  • CD-415M – for male half

Enerpac A, C, F, T-Series Information Package