New Enerpac, PGT-Series, Power Generation Bolt Tensioners

The New Enerpac PGT-Series, Power Generation Bolt Tensioners are suitable or critical fastening applications in wind, gas and stream turbines.   This new bolt tensioner range from Enerpac is loaded with performance and enhancing features such as Auto-Retract Pistons, Cycle Counters and a premium coating to offer the ultimate in efficiency, durability and ease of use.

Enerpac PGT-Series, Power Generation Bolt Tensioners
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Enerpac PGT-Series, Power Generation Bolt Tensioners


  • A broad range of single stage and double deck tensioners provide high performance in tight spaces associated with Power Generation applications.
Bolt Range: M20 – M72
Max. Load Capacity: 220,5 – 3114,0 kN
Max. Operating Pressure: 1350 – 1500 bar
(Max. pressure varies, see specifications table for more details)
The model above illustrates a typical tool configuration. Actual model configurations may vary.
  1. Auto-retract piston: Simplifies use and improved speed of operation.
  2. Long-life puller: For maximum durability.
  3. Long-life seals: For maximum durability and extended service life intervals.
  4. Corrosion protection: Zinc coating provides best-in-class corrosion resistance.
  5. Interchangeable bridge: For optimal application fit.
  6. Over-stroke preventer:Mechanically prevents over-stroke, extending cylinder life.
  7. Over-stroke indicator: For optimal application fit.
  8. Optional counter: Helps indicate when maintenance is due to maximize uptime.
  9. Quick-disconnect coupler: For safe, simple hydraulic connection.
  10. Optional 360° swivel: Available for additional hose positioning flexibility.
  11. Spring-loaded nut engagement: Keeps socket positioned on nut for faster and easier seating process.
  12. Auto-engage nut rundown: For rapid and accurate seating of nuts.
enerpac-pgt-series selection-chart
Enerpac PGT-Series, Power Generation Bolt Tensioners

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