New Enerpac, FTR-Series, Foundation Bolt Tensioners

The New Enerpac FTR-Series, Foundation Bolt Tensioners are specifically designed for tensioning wind tower foundation bolts. These tensioners provide the speed and precision required by this critical application. Potential thread fit problems are eliminated through the use of existing rebar hex nuts as a reaction point.

The FTR-Series includes long-stroke models, which provide greater speed and ease of use by enabling applications to be completed in a single pull.

Max. Load Capacity: 2736 kN
Max. Operating Pressure: 1500 bar
(Max. pressure varies, see specifications table for more details)
ftr-series-product image
Enerpac FTR-Series, Foundation Bolt Tensioners

Enerpac FTR-Series, Power Generation Bolt Tensioners


  • The new FTR-Series Foundation Bolt Tensioners from Enerpac provide fast, accurate and easy tightening of external or internal-ring wind tower foundations.
  • Standard models are available for 75, 150 ksi and metric style Williams, Dyson and Macalloy® bar types.
  • Long-stroke options accelerate process with single-pull tensioning.
ftr-series-exploded view
The model above illustrates a typical tool configuration. Actual model configurations may vary.
  1. Corrosion protection: Zinc coating provides best-in-class corrosion resistance.
  2. Over-stroke indicator: Extends life by helping to prevent over-stroking of cylinder.
  3. Long-life seals: For maximum durability and extended service life intervals.
  4. Auto-retract piston: Simplifies use and improves speed of operation.
  5. Quick-disconnect coupler: For safe, simple hydraulic connection. Optional 360° swivel available for additional hose positioning flexibility.
  6. Interchangeable bridge: For optimal application fit.
  1. Single male fitting
  2. Swivel manifold with single male fitting
  3. Nut run down gear box
ftr-specification table
Enerpac FTR-Series, Foundation Bolt Tensioners

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